The Happy Kids Story




Happy Kids began in 1989 with one product - the Magical Journeys personalized music cassette tape that sings the child's name in the songs.


Michael and Cindy Rosenbaum are the husband and wife owners of Happy Kids. One day, in the late 1980s, Michael took out his guitar to play some children's songs for his young son Jason and his friend. The idea popped in Michael's mind, as he was playing, to use Jason and his friend's name in the songs.


The kids were so enthusiastic about having their names in the songs that Michael and Cindy decided to create an album of personalized children's songs. Happy Kids was born!


We've grown since then, first adding more personalized music and then personalized books. Then in 1995 we discovered a new product that went on to become our most popular product by far, a personalized photo calendar. We print personalized calendars using your personal photos including your own personal birthdays, anniversaries, etc.


When you hang it up it becomes a personalized wall calendar that can be enjoyed all year long.


Our personalized photo calendars have now become a tradition in most of our customers' households as a way of connecting with family and friends on a daily basis. We do what we do because it brings smiles to people's faces and makes them feel special!


Everyone on our staff also has a friendly personality, and we pride ourselves on providing outstanding customer service. If you ever have a problem, please call us. We want you to be thrilled with your purchases from Happy Kids!